Shanghai harbor shool “School safety project” —— seven building monomer complete the acceptance of work

     The morning of January 16, 2013, Shanghai harbor college “School safety engineering” -----seven building monomer (Four dormitories, a training center, a bathroom and a students’affairs center) complete the acceptance of work smoothly.The main work of  “School safety project” is to make the campus seismic fortification to the key fortification standard and conduct building the campus walls, floors, root and other repairs.

After careful, meticulous, responsible inspection and acceptance, and finally gather each group views,the acceptance group discussed the results and announced on the spot: four dormitories, the bathroom and the students’ affairs center are one-time accepted, but the training center needs rectification, and the rectification qualifies acceptance, to be again.

     Acceptance team leader represents the acceptance group summary and hope that the main contractor pays close attention to the rectification of the training center, and ensure that all monomers will be accepted on time, to deliver the high-quality project to the harbor college, and serve the students, promotethe development of the school.

    The manuscript source: the infrastructure service center