Office Division

The Comprehensive Department is primarily responsible for the work of the administrative personnel, property management, financial management, under the Executive Office, financial room, property operations department. The administrative office infrastructure service center, secretarial, administrative affairs, personnel management department. Responsible for the company's day-to-day secretarial work to assist the general manager in drafting the company's annual work plan summary audit reports and related documents; compensation management and other personnel responsible for the company's work; organization of the conference and other work. Room financial fund management, accounting, cost accounting, profit settlement allocation, return on investment management and unified tax departments. Responsible for the preparation and reporting of the annual financial revenue and expenditure plans, credit plans, the preparation of the annual cash flow statement, and the organization and implementation of financing programs; regulation of the management of the monetary funds, apply for the funds settlement, lending matters; organizational accounting, is responsible for the cost of management; responsible for the preparation of company financial accounting statements. Property operations department has overall responsibility for the company's various types of house property and other real estate property authorized operation and management of the organization, co-ordination; completion of the annual property operating indicators, to ensure that increasing the value of business property; responsible for the sea park property acquired into the household rental listings (lease listings or by other means) the implementation of leasing operations, and is responsible for customer check-out, clearing rental and rental business the day-to-day management.