The Research Center of Container Supply Chain Technology in SMU is listed as Shanghai Major-Projects in 2013

     The conference of Major-Projects Construction was held in Shanghai on March 15. Vice mayor Jiang Ping participated in the conference and delivered a speech. According to the requirements of “setting innovation as driving force for restructuring and development ”, the construction of major projects in 2013 will firmly grasp the main line of serving for the economic and social development as well as people’s wellbeing. It will also maintain its scale and total investment. There are 88 projects with planned investment of 119.3 billion yuan this year. Among them, 14 projects are newly operated, 13 projects almost completed and 30 projects are planned.

     The research center of container supply chain technology in our university is regarded as Shanghai Major-Projects in 2013. Li Yuangen, the director of Construction Service Center, took part in the conference. Shanghai NDRC (Municipal Development and Reform Commission) believed this project would promote SMU’s development, strengthen school’s research on container supply chain technology, improve the function of the engineering research center of the Ministry of Education, thus providing conditions for the declaration of National Engineering Research Center.

      The project, with an estimated investment of 46.02 million yuan, covers an area of 10,000 square meters. The construction includes one lab-building with twelve laboratories for the integration of container supply chain.

The Construction Service Center will carry forward this project in the right order, and provide support to ensure its start in 2013.