The Conference for Promoting Project Construction of The Container Supply Chain Technology Research Center is Held in Our University

On March 20, the conference for promoting project construction of the container supply chain technology research center was held in the meeting room for lighthouse pavilion. Xiao Baojia, Vice President of SMU, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Tang Zhuorong (Chief of the Assets Management Office), Li Yuangen (Director of the Construction Service Center), Wang Deshan (Vice Director of the Construction Service Center), and other related technical and managerial staff participated in the conference.

 Director Li introduced current situation of the construction at the conference. After that, Mr. Xiao (the Vice President) made instructions to the following work. He thought, as Shanghai major-project, the management of this project was a heavy task and carried high requirements. He hoped that the Construction Service Center would ensure the high-quality of the project and achieve advanced collective. Mr. Xiao said that we should spare no effort to survey the constructional and managerial work of the Ministry of Education and the National Engineering Center, in order to guide the design work of container supply chain project. At the same time, to ensure smooth progress of the project, Vice President Xiao is going to discuss with university leaders and related departments to set up Construction Coordination Office, which will solve problems such as functional requirements and locations.

 Director Li said that the Construction Service Center, along with relevant departments would overcome difficulties and strive to complete piling before the end of this year(the Spring Festival), in order to lay a foundation for the hand-over of this project at the end of 2014.