Successful completion of School safety engineering was ready for the opening of the Harbour school

     The Shanghai Harbour school safety engineering officially started on July 2, 2012, and successful completion on February 28, 2013 ensured the normal opening of the Harbour School.
     School safety engineering set up by the Shanghai campus security office is the special reinforcement engineering for teaching building built before 1996. Shanghai Harbour School is the first school starting safety engineering among vocational schools, the reinforcement engineering involved 13 buildings and the reinforcement area of ​​33,232 square meters, this engineering was completed in a situation of short construction time and heavy task. In addition to the reinforcement engineering it also involved weak electricity systems, security systems, multimedia systems, card systems, broadcast systems, fire alarm systems, etc., it can be described as a completely renovated building on the entire campus.
     The school safety engineering department of Construction service center was leading construction department and did the works of attacking the difficulty well, and coordinated all software construction department at the time of completing hardware construction engineering. All the builders were working overtime day and night , completely ready for everything before the semester begins.