Shanghai Maritime University sports center (the gymnasium) received silver award of the National Quality Award.

      Shanghai Maritime University sports center (the gymnasium) is located in southwest corner of Lingang campus, it’s total area is 25959 square meters, consisting of training hall、competition hall、swimming training hall and swimming competition hall . it has a 50 m high mast in the middle corridor and the sail-like membrane structure. The gymnasium is a landmark building of Shanghai maritime university, this project has 2 floors on the ground (3 floors in some part) which is reinforced concrete frame structure and roofing is steel grid structure, covered with hyperboloid standing seam strip color plate, the roofing span is very large and structure of the total weight is 700 tons, the transverse span and lognitudinal span of largest net rack are 68 meters and 80 meters. The building Combines with energy saving, green, environmental protection and many other modern design concept and comprehensive public sports facilities. It is the base of school physical education and organizing high-level sports events. This building is completed in 2009 and received silver award of National Quality Award.