About US

      As one of the university’s administrative departments, the construction service center is responsible for the basic construction management and for organizing and editing campus construction planning. On behalf of SMU, it is in charge of the construction project procedure, design management, bidding management, construction management and quality guarantee, etc., to ensure the smooth implementation of the construction project.

Holding the philosophy of taking " promoting the market as the guidance, reform and innovation as the starting point, talent using as the basis, serving the school as the responsibility, and developing management as the goal", the construction service center develops real estate and business exhibition market in an all-round way in the prerequisite of making completion of the school construction tasks and teaching security.

     In December 1992, in order to meet the development needs in new times, making full use of the development of Pudong's preferential policy, giving full play to the science and technology innovation ability and enriching management experience, we established the Shanghai HaiYuan real estate development companies with our experience and strength in the long-time basic construction. The company's main projects include real estate comprehensive development construction (including the new city construction and old area reconstruction), real estate development consulting services, new-building house business, real estate leasing and paid exchange as well as a variety of professional occupancy, office, and living room and surrounding facilities provided for all kinds of enterprises. We are also engaged in projects such as building decoration equipments, construction machinery, and electrical equipment and property management. Our modes of operation are purchase, transfer, consultation, and lease new-building service and wholesale.

     In June 2012, in order to adapt to the new situation for the development of the industry, making great efforts to enhance the competitiveness of college service industry, and promoting the transformation of the school-run enterprises development, we established Shanghai HaiYuan exhibition service co., LTD. As a sub-company of Shanghai maritime university assets management co., LTD., Shanghai HaiYuan exhibition company mainly provides overall planning for conferences and exhibitions, focusing on the services of professional exhibition institutions. The company takes "service the school, face the society" as its purpose, adheres to the "honest and trustworthy, multiple win-win" business philosophy and commits to provide teachers and students in Shanghai Maritime University with a "deeper, care, attention, closer, better, honest, happier" seven-star service. Also, the company provides the overall planning of all kinds of large conferences and exhibitions, business organization and process control, and services such as ticketing and travel agency, etc., for the whole society.

     Construction service center now has 18 college-enrolled employees. There are three sub-departments: the construction management department, engineering department and comprehensive department.